The Village of Indiantown was incorporated on December 31, 2017.  The Village Charter states that the Village of Indiantown will be governed by the Martin County Comprehensive Plan and the Martin County Land Development Regulations as they appeared on December 31, 2017. It is important to note that any changes made by Martin County to these documents after December 31, 2017 will not apply to for the Village of Indiantown. This transitional document will remain in place until the Village of Indiantown adopts its own Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Regulations.  The deadline for adoption of the Comprehensive Plan is within 3 years after incorporation (December 31, 2020). Between now and the adoption, either the Village Council or an applicant may propose a change to the Transitional Comprehensive Plan or the Transitional Land Development Regulations.

Florida Statute 163 defines the requirements of the Comprehensive Plan:

  • Provide the principles, guidelines, standards and strategies for orderly and balanced future economic, social, physical, environmental and fiscal development of the area that reflects community commitments to implement the plan and its elements.
  • Contains goals, objectives and policies
  • Establish meaningful and predictable standards for the use and development of land and provide meaningful guidelines for the development of a detailed land development and use regulations (LDR)


In the coming weeks, several  public workshops will be held at various locations around Indiantown to explore the citizens’ desires and visions for the direction Indiantown should take in the future. Public feedback is essential to creating a plan that accurately represents what the community wants the future of Indiantown to look like. Attendance to these meetings, which will be held in English and Spanish, is highly encouraged! Please come and voice your opinion– we would love to hear your vision!

Comprehensive Plan Data

Technical Memo #1

Technical Memo #2

Project Update Memos

Project Update #1

Project Update #2

Project Update #3

Project Update #4

Transitional Documents

As stated, the Martin County Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Regulations govern the Village of Indiantown until it adopts its own regulations.

Village of Indiantown Comprehensive Plan

Village of Indiantown Land Development Regulations


Schedule for Comprehensive Plan Adoption

Comprehensive Plan Review Committee (CPR)

The Village Council appointed a 7 member committee to navigate the Comprehensive Plan Adoption Process. Veverly Gary-Hamilton serves as the Chair. The committee meets (AS NEEDED) at 10 a.m. on Fridays following the Thursday evening Council meetings. The Council meets the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month; therefore the committee meetings are the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month. Please re-visit website to confirm meeting times.

CPR Meeting Calendar

CPR Meeting Calendar November 2018

December 20th_Data Joint meeting

CPR Meeting Agendas and Minutes

February 28, 2018 Agenda

March 7, 2018 CPR Agenda

May 10, 2018 CPR Agenda

June 1, 2018 CPR Agenda                    June 1, 2018 CPR Minutes

June 15, 2018 CPR Agenda                  June 15, 2018 CPR Minutes

August 10, 2018 CPR Agenda              August 8, 2018 CPR Minutes

                                                              September 28, 2018 CPR Minutes

November 16, 2018 CPR Agenda    November 16, 2018 CPR Minutes

December 6, 2018 CPR Agenda     December 6, 2018 CPR Minutes